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We all have insurances...

That doesn't help in critical situations.

Our insurance kits ensure you to be safe

when the things you don't plan for happens.

Chose the package that fit your lifestyle.

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Pick Your Package

We provide you with the tools that you should never need. But when needed they will act as your lifesaver, a kit full of all the tools that will help you stay safe. Today we see a dramatic change in the way we live our lives and all of us must be prepared for unexpected situations. With our small pack, you have the most crucial items to stay safe from viruses during travel on an airplane or while commuting in public traffic.

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The larger package includes the same equipment and other important tools to keep you and one more person safe and the XXL box is designed for 4 people to stay safe at just about any situation. Being prepared for the worst makes sure that you don't have to get into the worst situations without knowing how to stay safe. Safeings help you stay safe and save lives. Explore the different packages to find the perfect match for your requirements.

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Small - Commuter Package

Persons: 1

  • Breathing filter FFP2

  • Alco Gel

  • Alco wipes

  • Latex Gloves

  • Ziplock plastic bags

  • Biohazard bag

  • Soap

Price: €49.9

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Medium - Survival Virus Kit

Persons: 2

  • Soap

  • 2pcs Breathing filter FFP2

  • 2pcs Alco Gel

  • 10pcs Alco wipes

  • Radio & Goggles

  • Ziplock plastic bags

  • 2pcs Full body overall suite

  • 2sets Latex Gloves

  • 2sets Strong gloves

  • Biohazard bag

  • 2pcs Survival blanket and Survival sleeping bag

  • Duct tape Multitool

  • Paracord bracelet (with Fire steel, Rope, Compas, Whistle)

  • 2pcs Waterbag

  • 2pcs Compact bottle

  • Water straw (water filtration system)

Price: €265

Survival coronavirus.png

Extra Large - Always be safe

Persons: 4

Price: €789

  • Breathing filter FFP3

  • 4pcs Alco Gel

  • 10pcs Alco wipes

  • 4sets Latex Gloves

  • Duct tape & Knife

  • Matches

  • Radio & Glow sticks

  • Paracord bracelet (with Fire steel, Rope, Compas, Whistle)

  • First aid kit

  • 4pcs Compact bottle

  • 4pcs Waterbag

  • Water filtration system)

  • 4pcs Spork, fork & knife in one

  • Ziplock plastic bags

  • 4pcs Full body overall suite

  • 4sets Strong gloves

  • 4pcs Biohazard bag

  • Soap

  • 4pcs Quick-dry towel

  • 4pcs Survival blanket and Survival sleeping bag

  • Multitool

  • Micro backpack

  • Pen and paper

  • Tactical pen

  • 4pcs Fishing rod

  • First aid guidebook

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