Our medium package contains following items

Waterproof Dry Bag

The Safeings durable waterproof dry bag backpack protects your set of safe things and other gear from water and dust. Its the perfect go-bag to keep you safe.


Two adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.
Elastic rope for holding items on the outside of the bag.


15L capacity
13.8 * 8.7 inches
35 * 22 cm


Made of waterproof rugged 500D PVC tarpaulin with waterproof coating.

Alco wipes 

To clean wounds from infections, virus and bacteria

Protective Glasses

Protect your eyes can prove to be very important in many situations.

Not the least when you're protecting yourself from virus and fire.

Biohazard bag

If you are in contact with biohazard material use this safety bag to keep it away from your and other people's body

Breathing filter

FFP2 filter that keep you safe from most viruses including Corona or Covid-19

Survival blanket that can be used as a sleeping bag or tent.

Reflects up to 90% of your body heat to keep you warm with ultra light weight

Radio USB

charger Flashlight

All powered by your own force

Alco Gel

To desinfect your hands and items you touch from virus and bacteria.

Ziplock Plastic bag

To desinfect your hands and items you touch from virus and bacteria.

Latex Gloves

With these gloves you can rest assured that your hands are protected.

Duck tape

The multi purpose tape that can come handy in any situation

Paracord bracelet

In this you find a long strong rope but also a compass, a fire steel and a whistle blower

Water Bottle

Collapsible water bottle to save space when not being used

Multi tool

A set of tools to handle close to any situation

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